Special custom-made bearings and sliding systems manufacturer since 1976

  • Complete solutions

    Manufacture of bearings, fittings, accessories and complete sliding systems. Different profiles and all kinds of screw systems in different materials, manufactured on the latest generation CNC machines. We also offer the possibility of assembly by riveting systems, press, etc...

  • Different finishes and possibilities

    Turning, smoothing, grinding. Various thermal and anticorrosive treatments. Coatings of all types of plastics on the bearings. Ball and needle bearings. Various materials, steels, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastics, etc ...

  • Injection molds and dies

    Manufacture of injection molds for plastic parts, aluminum, zamak ... and also, dies for sheet metal parts.

  • Individualized attention and experience

    Personalized service to our customers: stocks, scheduled deliveries, transport organization ... Exportation experience inside and outside the EEC.

  • Stress tests

    We perform personalized stress tests.

  • Quality

    Quality control throughout the entire production process.